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Did you ever think about how much time we spend during our commute time every day? To kill the time we try to do everything: reading a book, listening to music, playing a game. Yeptix can give you the chance to take advantage of this boring time on the ways of transports, winning something for free and changing your bad day in an amazing one. But you were wondering… how could it be possible that you can get engaged and win something back for free at the same time?…maybe after 8 hours of hard work or just woken up to start a work day?!!

I had to find a solution to improve my everyday commute time,so I thought.. I cannot change my job, I cannot afford to live in the City and I cannot have a private jet…I am definitively not Lord Sugar you know. So I want to create Yeptix with your help, an app that can have different swipe games to entertain us poor mortals and at the same time win something like for example a creamy cappuccino in your favourite independent cafe’ or a delicious pizza in that little tasty Italian restaurant next to your place. Everybody loves to find a bargain and why not sustain some independent businesses and if you do this using just one app could make everyone’s life better. The positive bits are:

-Keep you busy and having fun;

-Win something for free or having great discounts in few clicks;

-Taste premium quality’s products:

-Transform a bad day in an amazing one:

-Help independent shops to survive in the jungle of the big chains

Happiness is contagious…take the most of it!!


Grow Your Customers

Increase Loyalty

Promote Products

Drive Sales

Create fun experiences

Sharing increasing

Run promotional giveaways to create buzz and reward your audience while growing your followers and customers.

Yeptix has been created to blow up your business acquiring new customers in a very simple way. But how? Being a business person you know that marketing plays a key role to attract customers’ attention but you know as well that it costs quite a lot to achieve big numbers. We created Yeptix to make marketing cheap and at the same time to achieve the goal to acquire new customers running  promotional giveways which will give you “notoriety” and let you present your products.

How does it work?

Yeptix helps you set up your successful marketing campaign from the beginning and in a very easy way, establishing the creation of a sweepstake and allowing your customers to obtain the final prize.

How do I set up a giveaway?

Using the new web platform, you can create your giveaway campaign following these easy steps:  

  1. registration of your company,
  2. Creation of the game
  3. Embed it on  your website

Why should I offer a promotion?

Thanks to the giveaway campaigns you can attract more customers who even not winning will increase your sales.

Why do customers love It?

Customers love giveaways because they have fun and at the same time they can win amazing prizes simply playing. There is no limit to play and they can use different devices to do it, in this way customers will be introduced to new products and brands.  

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