So you’ve joined Yeptix and created your own interactive marketing game to generate new leads for your business. But how do you get it out there to reach a potential 1.92 billion global customers online?

1. Create a moving visual

Treat the promotion for your game a little like a film trailer. It doesn’t matter that it’s just a small game. If you create a moving visual, this is far more exciting than a still image and creates enthusiasm for your target audience. The trailer should be captivating, with energy and a little anticipation. You could use a demo of the game so users know how to play it and learn what they can win.

If you have more of a budget to spend then it’s good (but not imperative) to pay for your advertising on all social media that matters. Think about your target audience and which social media platforms they may use. For instance, someone buying clothes may be interested in Facebook or Instagram. A business providing corporate events or B to B products may consider Twitter and LinkedIn. There are many social media platforms available so do your homework. It doesn’t take long to research the type of platform that matches your customer base.

2. Content marketing

 It’s a good idea to use content marketing for two main reasons. The influence of the word should never be underestimated and blogging on your website is a powerful tool. Write alluring content about your game and plans for the future of the game. You can write about the scale of discounts and prizes people can win and the benefits of playing your game.

Firstly content writing helps your website attain good ranks in major search engines.  Google likes to see fresh, informative content and the best way to supply it is via a blog. Secondly, a blog gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers and promote your products and services in an informative way. The links to your blog posts can then be posted on social media giving them maximum exposure. If you are not a natural, creative wordsmith there are plenty of freelance writers available to help you.

Encourage your customers to share the game via their social media pages and tell their friends and family why it’s a great game to play and what they can win.

3. Consistent social media posting

Be consistent in your social media efforts. Regular social media posts are vital to increasing the number of users for your game and reaching the maximum potential audience. This keeps prospective customers engaged and positions your business at the forefront of their minds. Social media posts will tempt them to visit your website and try to win something by playing your game. Try to keep in mind that an online audience is very forgetful.  Digital marketing experts estimate that we are exposed to several thousand ads per day depending on how many devices we use.  If you’re not seen consistently you can easily be forgotten.

Yeptix interactive marketing game to generate new leads

When you create your an interactive marketing game with Yeptix, it’s an exciting way to generate new leads. Potential and existing customers have nothing to lose by playing your game and everything to gain. And you can rely on us to promote your game on our own social media platforms.

Our advice is free, so make sure you take advantage of it if you want to boost your customer base and increase your profits.