More often than we realise consumers are turning to the internet to find everything from products and services to local businesses and restaurants. The savvy shopper is always looking for the cheapest deal with the best quality available. Here we’ll explore the advantages of an interactive marketing campaign and how it can help you and your business get an all-important share of the online shopping revolution.

Engage and inspire your customers

Google helps consumers with more than 40,000 queries each day. Businesses are finding they need to seek novel and innovative ways to interact and engage with potential customers. It’s evident that more and more people are losing patience with things such as generic sign up forms, pop-ups and downloads. The effectiveness of these electronic annoyances is decreasing. How many times have you gone to a website and in order to use it, you need to fill in all your personal details before even viewing an item? Then think about how many times you’ve switched away from the site to find something else that’s less invasive and irritating. The time spent just trying to find that one product can become a bad experience for the consumer and ultimately for the business, aside from the one that captivated the customer.  They got the sale instead of you.

Connect with your customers

Purchasing online is so impersonal now that the average shopper is beginning to feel like a ‘number’ rather than a person.  It’s part of human nature to want to be known and to have some personal interaction with the business you’ve chosen to buy from.  Interactive marketing campaigns are designed to focus on the individual customer and to connect them directly with the company.  Creating your own game with YepTix provides exactly that focus and connection. Playing the game your customers have fun instead of experiencing what is often a mundane and repetitive, online shopping world.

YepTix interactive marketing game

Keeping one step ahead of competitors is paramount in achieving your company’s security and growth. Using an interactive marketing game to generate leads helps you to grow your brand awareness and stand out from your competition. The game will increase the amount of time potential buyers spend on your website, making the experience memorable. This type of interaction for your customer will also instil excitement, anticipation and interest for the consumer keeping your brand name at the forefront of their thoughts when next shopping online.

 A YepTix gaming solution can help you achieve this by implementing a state of the art, innovative idea to boost the customer experience. Consequently this helps to enhance loyalty within your customer base and increase sales whilst helping you to gather those vital leads.

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