If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to boost your customer base, YepTix has the answer for you. Our new online marketing app is a game that brightens the day of bored commuters and online shoppers. We all know it’s a digital world out there and most businesses have already switched to the internet for advertising campaigns through social media and search engine ads. But how could you bring this interaction to your website?

Be better than your competitors

Shoppers love deals and it doesn’t matter if this is by way of a coupon or a discounted sale on your website. In this cash savvy environment, many people shop around for coupons or vouchers before making their purchases online. Inevitably on voucher sites, they end up finding a better voucher offer from one of your competitors. And as simple as that, the sale has gone from your business to someone else’s. You’ve missed out on the revenue but what can you do about it?

YepTix helps you to create an online game that potential customers can use to win big. You could decide to offer a discount code or product as the prize for your uniquely designed game. Companies want people to interact with their brand and what better way than having your own fun and innovative game, displaying your discount vouchers and prizes on your own website. This solution avoids people having to look elsewhere and potentially being swayed to shop with someone else. They play the game and always win something.

Interaction and satisfaction

There are currently an estimated 1.92 billion customers globally that shop online or digitally. That’s a whopping 25 percent of the world’s population who could come across the game you create. Imagine if your game prizes were superior to your competitor’s coupons or vouchers.

There is no better lead generation program than making all your potential customers winners. The possibilities and growth within your business are endless. Interaction and satisfaction are vital components of online marketing, especially with e-commerce. If customers have had an enjoyable and easy experience when shopping with you, they’ll be tempted to come back and recommend you to friends and family.

Online Marketing App

Now we’re sure you’ve thought about developing such an online marketing app for your business but where do you start? The process couldn’t be simpler with YepTix. Whether you have a large online marketing budget to spend or as little as £1, we are here to help. Registering with us is easy. We’ll even provide a free £10 credit to get you started. YepTix knows budgets can be tight and therefore won’t ask you for a monthly subscription. The service is on a 100 percent pay as you go basis. There are no upfront costs or credit card details required. All you need to do is register your business HERE, set your budget (from as little as £1) and create your game. The last thing is to embed the game into your website, publish your promotion and invite followers and friends to play.

Yeptix provides businesses of all sizes with an affordable lead generation programme that has no equal. Get in touch with us for some advice on how to grab your piece of the online customer revolution.