All businesses look for the best way to get ahead in marketing, it’s a no brainer if you want to attract attention to your website and beat the competition. Interactive content with a gaming element helps you to achieve these business goals and gain a bigger share of the online market.

68 percent of customers don’t want to talk to your sales personnel

Interactive content uses anticipation within your customers to engage them in your product and brand. It’s something they can do without the need to speak to you or your staff directly, which is very attractive to online shoppers these days. The majority of customers who shop online, or use social media to find their products, believe speaking to someone over the phone is going to involve pushy salespeople and an uncomfortable feeling when they say “no”.  All today’s internet shoppers need is great product descriptions and the ‘Buy Now’ button. The least clicks they have to make, the better.

Your business may not have over enthusiastic sales personnel but it is the perception the majority of potential online buyers have.  Most people will try not to interact with a company they have to speak to in order to get what they want. They’d much rather choose another company or even a different product that they can browse and buy with the minimum of clicks.

What is interactive content?

Games and quizzes can be found in abundance on social media platforms such as Facebook and Buzzfeed.  In 2014 Buzzfeed’s sponsored quizzes were completed by 96 percent of its users and the platform has grown from strength to strength ever since. Invariably sponsored games and quizzes will take the participant to the sponsor’s website. During play users will see products or brands offered by the sponsor.  This is interactive content working at its best with users regularly logging in to find out if new quizzes have been added.  However with success comes a hefty price which can be prohibitively expensive for SMBs.  The minimum you’ll pay on Buzzfeed for a small campaign including production costs is $125,000.

Affordable alternative

The Yeptix platform is an alternative that is affordable and allows you to pay as you go.  You create your own game and then copy and paste the code into your website.  You can share the game on as many social media platforms as you subscribe to.

Engaging your audience

Interactive content works because it requires the customer to participate in something.  Whether it is a game or quiz your customers have to engage in an activity which captures their attention for longer than reading static content in an article or blog. When the end goal is to win something they will return several times to participate.

When they’ve won a coupon, voucher or other prize they will share their experience with others. They’ll share on social media and talk to their friends, family and work colleagues about what they won and where.

Yeptix registration

Can you honestly say that 96 percent of your potential customers are reading every bit of marketing content on your website?  If not, why not try achieving your brand values and goals by stepping into the interactive content world.  Starting from as little as £1 with no upfront costs, it has to be worth it surely.  We guarantee you will never look back. Register with Yeptix today and join successful marketers who have embraced the better way to engage their customers.