The most successful of all marketing strategies are those that result in word of mouth referrals. When people are talking favourably about your business, you have an advantage over your competitors. Yeptix provides the perfect medium to increase brand loyalty, exposure and positively encourage word of mouth referrals.

Your own interactive marketing game could easily go viral attracting more publicity for your brand and driving more traffic to your website. Yeptix helps you deliver an enjoyable, satisfying and entertaining experience for your customers.  You’ll win over their loyalty by making their interaction with you exciting. 

Chance to win

Depending on your product or service, making your game educational will entertain entire families.  A mind stimulating or learning game fits well with children’s products, toys and games. 

Adding a feature game to your website and offering customers the chance to win something of value is alluring.  They’ll bookmark the page for future purchases and share the link among their friends.  No one can resist bragging about a discount or prize they have won. On social media word of mouth referrals will spread like wildfire. Are you aware that the average Facebook user has over 150 friends and associates? The possibilities are endless considering the share value.

Competitiveness is in our DNA

Competitiveness exists within our DNA.  It’s part of human nature. It may be a need to win a game or to tell others of your victory in snaring that all-important discount. We tell our friends and family if we’ve managed to get a better deal than them, and we challenge them to do better than us. That competitiveness should be part of your marketing strategy and the game on your website. It doesn’t matter how simple a game you create, as long as there are prizes to be won or levels to beat. Our instincts take over and the urge to conquer the last level becomes unbearable.

One word of mouth referral leads to many

Promoting your game on social media platforms that are relevant to your business is essential to generate multiple word of mouth referrals quickly.  It starts with one person talking about what they have won and potentially leads to thousands wanting to play.

All the time they are playing, your interactive content is there reminding them of your brand and products or services.  At the same time you’ll notice a dramatic increase in website traffic.

When you’ve created your game you can sit back and let the Yeptix platform and your customers do the work for you.  More sharing means more views, word of mouth referrals and potential sales. 

Yeptix registration

Sign up today to take the hassle out of advertising and move toward the innovative generation we are now in.  Yeptix is affordable to everyone starting from as little as £1. Our pay as you go system allows you to decide whether Yeptix works for you without high upfront costs.

Content used to be king but now interactive content is the future holding the attention span for longer. If you are not in it, you can’t win it!