Does your company need a bit of inspiration? Here we’ll take a look at online marketing options that do the trick. Entertainment and fun are the two main factors that help interactive marketing campaigns to be successful. Not just for a target audience but for the whole family.

Amusement and happiness influence the way people behave in a good way. The more activated left side of our brain is the side we use for logic and analysing etc. The right side of the brain responds to emotional stimuli, like humour. Using comedy, gaming and fun in your marketing will stimulate both sides of the brain. And the customer will relate to your brand on a more personal level, also making the experience memorable.


This concept is one of the longest running styles of interactive marketing campaigns. Everyone loves prizes and getting something for free. This could be in the form of a discount code, raffle tickets or a giveaway. Competitions are usually created to be relevant to a target audience and appeal to our tendency to drift towards free things.  Whatever you decide to give away should be useful or of perceived value.  Giving a prize that is promised inspires confidence in your business and brand.

YepTix can help you to create an interactive game to incorporate this style of marketing into your own branded campaign.


Who would believe the one thing we all dreaded at school, college or university would be something we’d happily take part in during our free time?  Buzzfeed has achieved awe inspiring success with online quizzes as has Facebook.  Quizzes engage customers but you need to be careful that you use them wisely.  Earlier this year, police in Massachusetts  issued a warning about personality quizzes on Facebook.  The information provided when participating can lead to identity theft.  For the most part, these types of quizzes were banned by Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  Nevertheless the quiz, when used genuinely to engage consumers and provide them with entertainment isn’t going away any time soon.  It is one of the best ways of encouraging people to come back for more. YepTix can advise you on this concept and how to use it to your advantage for lead generation and brand awareness.


Not unlike quizzes, polls can engage people and help you to get valuable feedback immediately. Most people will enter their details into a poll as they want to know what other people’s reaction to a subject or service has been. For your brand, a poll provides insight into what’s working within your business and what’s not. It’s possible to incorporate a comments box in the design to drill down into people’s thought processes when they’ve answered. Although polls can be very informative, they are unlikely to generate many leads. However, the market research value of them shouldn’t be ignored.

Christmas Interactive Marketing Campaigns

YepTix online games have eased many businesses into interactive marketing.  Our unique pay as you go service is popular because it allows marketers to test the water before committing their budgets.  It also gives any size of business the opportunity to run interactive marketing campaigns since Yeptix is affordable to anyone. 

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