About Us

Gaining and retaining customers is child’s play with Yeptix

Launched in 2017 by web developer and responsible gambling campaigner, Giuseppe Muci, Yeptix is a marketing game changer for business.

Nothing feels better than winning – that’s a scientific fact! Winning triggers reward neurons in our brains and increases testosterone and self confidence – which leads to more wins.

The ‘winner effect’ is the basis of Yeptix’s mission to add gamification to marketing with its new instant winning game.

Games such as our helps to optimise profits by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. But it’s not just about us – an instant win can boost morale, increase confidence and put a positive slant on an otherwise bad day – happy customers, happy business!

Fair gaming

There are a number of benefits to running giveaway promotions on your site including increased customer engagement, new customer leads and improved profits.  Yeptix also helps businesses to avoid Adblocker – which studies show is a major turn off for customers. 

Yeptix uses fair and responsible methods of gaming – avoiding those which appeal to problem gamblers and addicts, such as swipe games and online scratch cards.  This is a subject, which is very close to the heart for Yeptix’s founder, Giuseppe Muci.

At the age of 16, Giuseppe first encountered the face of gambling addiction in the form of his friend’s father who frequently visited Giuseppe’s father’s bar in Italy. Frustrated by the fact that this man’s habit was leaving his family in dire straits, Giuseppe pointed out that the odds would always be stacked in the machine’s favour. Although this message was ignored by his friend’s father, Giuseppe was determined to help curtail the misery of problem gambling – particularly after his move, in 2014, to the UK  which currently has over 400,000 sufferers of gambling addiction. Giuseppe combined his web development knowledge with his passion for responsible gaming and the result was Yeptix – a ground-breaking marketing tool which offers businesses up to five times more new client leads than traditional marketing methods.


As our business grows, our mission is to not only help businesses to thrive but also to support important organisations in their fight to tackle gambling addiction,  these include begambleaware.org and the NHS initiative for young people. 

Over two million people in the UK are either problem gamblers or at risk of addiction and, Yeptix makes a real change by offering sufferers to experience the ‘winning effect’ and win real prizes without paying – or losing – any money.  

We’re proud to be able to help businesses do well – and people do better!