More leads? Game on!

Yeptix makes it easy to create and embed a giveaway promo game that drives engagement and sales.

Instant wins for brands and businesses

Innovative and effective, YepTix facilitates the creation of promotional giveaway campaigns or sweepstakes, to engage customers and encourage them to celebrate their game wins on social media. 


Promo from £1

With an investment from just £1 *, businesses can create viral campaigns by adding games and sweepstakes to their sites and sharing them on social media. Whilst customers keep their eyes on the prizes to be won, brands expand their client base and increase their profits.

* Minimum account top-up £10.

T & C autogenerate

No hassle, straightforward terms – Our automatically generated Terms and Conditions are straightforward and transparent.  Should you have any queries, we’ll be happy to address these for you; just drop us an email at

£10 free Credit

Sign up now to receive your free £10 Yeptix credit – and get started on gaining new customers and growing your business.

All to play for

It’s a scientific fact that winning triggers reward neurons in our brains. This ‘winner effect’ is what drives Yeptix.

It’s our mission to add gamification to marketing with our new tools for designing instant-win online games. Use Yeptix to create online games so you can attract new customers and retain existing ones.

An instant win can boost morale and increase confidence.

We help you create happy customers for a happy business!

YepTix allows you to get ahead of the competition:

Attract new clients

Create viral campaigns

Responsibly collect customer data

Avoid ad blockers

Gain the maximum ROI


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